$str Test page: GPAZ

Gpaz now exists.

For now it doesn't do much, however you can contact me at dadev@gpaz.net
I have placed a Droid app that shows my panaromic viewer idea. This is the proof of concept that I made before starting my other apps, but its not a bad app for viewing large images, and shows how my other apps will work.

Pic 360 Viewer Free V1.1

Email me if you find any issues with the application. I have tried a few version/screen size combinations but don't have many actual phone to play with. Please include your phone type in any emails. Note that the app will not help you place pics in /sdcard/panpics. I will post directions for that shortly.

More details

BETA: I have almost finished adding a pic chooser and more scaling options to handle images that aren't really panoramas. Also, tall images get turned 90 degrees, and can be inverted if needed. You may have to delete the original if you install from here.

Pic 360 Viewer Free Beta V1.2

Known issue: memory growth over time will eventually kill app (more/larger pics aggravate this).

Pan type pick menu doesn't remember previous values (assignment issue)

Settings should be suggested for various dimensions instead of always using last pan values